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We build our solutions around you. Being at the forefront of digital payments for years and trusted by millions globally, Skrill offers advanced payment solutions to suit all your business needs and requirements.


Business purchases made easy

Go wherever your business takes you. Use the Business Card during business travels or pay agents, vendors and suppliers anywhere in the world.

Keep track of business spending

Issue additional cards to your employees and control their business expenses by setting individual spending limits or restricting/allowing transactions

Instant access to business funds

Freely use your funds to make online and in-store purchases at over 32 million establishments or withdraw cash at more than 2 million ATMs around the globe.

24/7 control and monitoring

Block/unblock online or via myPOS mobile app and keep tabs on every transaction with detailed reporting tools and notifications.

Benefits for your business

  • No monthly or annual service fees
  • Easy separation of business expenditure
  • Reduced budget overspending and foreign currency exchange costs
  • High-level protection of each transaction
  • Online control via myPOS account and myPOS mobile app
  • ATM withdrawals at competitive rates

Earn 0.1% cashback

You’ll get 0.1% cashback for all your purchases when you pay using your N26 Mastercard and reinvest the profits straight back into your business.

Mastercard 3D Secured payments

Mastercard 3D Secure (3DS) is an extra layer of security that helps prevent fraud when making payments online using your N26 account.

No minimum deposit needed

You don’t have to deposit a certain amount or meet earning threshold requirements, so you can open a free business account even if you’re just starting out.

#Tag your transactions

#client, #office, #bizness… create your own personal hashtags and attach them to your transactions to organize them better.

Extra layers of security

  • Limited risk of unauthorised expenses
  • Safer than carrying cash, easier to use when paying online
  • Reduced administration time and costs
  • Efficient management of employee expenses
  • Improved reporting